21-23 february 2020


VIT, Vellore.

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Every new invention or innovation in the world is driven by looking at problems from a unique perspective. Acknowledging that every solution can viewed through various parallels and there is always a scope of improvement is the key to cracking the perfect solution.

Welcome to Parallax. A 36-hour Hack-A-thon which will bring to you, the perfect environment to create, innovate and work towards being an avant-garde inventor. Parallax is a one of a kind event, giving the participants an opportunity to boost their technical skills and also their ability to think laterally and deliver promising solutions to real world problems.

So let your ideas run wild and explore the unexplored TEChie within you!


Disaster Managment & Recovery

Disaster management and recovery involves a set of policies, tools and procedures which enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. It focuses on IT or technology based systems to help support critical business functions.

Agriculture Development

the need for technology based solutions for agricultural development is increasing exponentially, providing assistance to the crop producers in the research sphere, employing latest techniques to provide crop diversity, improve yield and controlling pests all comes under the umbrella of agricultural development.

Health Care

Technology plays an important role in medical care in the 21st century, as it improves the availability and immediacy of information, communication, patient satisfaction and productivity in the health sector. Use of innovative ideas and techniques to overcome limitations in the healthcare domain has a vast scope.

Industrial Development

In the current world, technology is solely responsible for all the discoveries made. Even when an individual makes a discovery in any field, he/she has to use technology to make the discovery viable.Efficiency is one of the most important elements needed for industrial development. Technology plays a vital role in promoting industrial efficiency.


Fintech trend covers a range of payment options, including virtual currency and blockchain. The Fintech Times calls these technologies an “Internet of Payments”.Example applications include innovations in risk management, trading, investing, personal finance, big data, retail banking, regulatory compliance, mobile payments and enterprise social.

Defence and War Tech

Defence is one of the most important sectors with regards to the Indian Government, the need for new technologies in this domain is boundless. Innovation in defence and war tech refers to technological advancements which reduce the number of deaths on the battlefield, improve security of classified documents, enhancement in warfare technologies etc.

Safety and Security

Technology is becoming a game changer in the public safety arena and helped improve the safety and efficiency of our increasingly interconnected world. We've incorporated better online illegal activity monitoring to reduce human trafficking and generated big data that helps companies glean insights and create better products.

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Frequently asked questions

As long as you are a student at any college are 18 or older, you are invited to apply to Parallax

Bring a laptop for hacking and a valid student ID for admission into the event. You are welcome to bring your own additional components, you foresee the need for it (no pre-assembled modules are allowed). The organizers will not be held responsible for any loss/damage to any property. We will provide everything else and more, including food, free swag, and hacker love.

Each team consists of 2-4 members. You can create a team and designate teammates during registration, or you can register as an individual. All teammates must submit their individual applications nonetheless. Admission decisions will be all-or-none, so either all of your teammates will receive admission if selected or none of your teammates will receive admission.

Not all hackers code! In fact, you've found the perfect place and time to pick up new skills and concepts. There will be mentors, to help ease you through the hackathon experience. Applications are not filtered based on experience.

If you registered as an individual and do not yet have a team, don’t sweat it. There will be several events geared towards facilitating team formation and project ideation. We will help you find people to work with!